Door Stripping Technical

The doors are dipped in a tank containing Caustic Soda. They are dipped twice, once to remove the bulk of the paint then they are washed and dipped again to remove the paint in the mouldings and any crevices. Doors can be dipped with glass panels intact. The solution is weak in concentration and a piece of cellotape on the paint will prevent the paint being stripped from the door so the glue in the doors is not affected. We use the solution cold so it is slower and less aggressive. Doors are dipped overnight.

Some companies use the solution hot. This will strip a door in 1 hour but the chemical is much more aggressive and much more likely to attack the glue in a door. Also heat causes wood to bend and there is more chance of warping from the high temperature.

The doors should be treated with vinegar and water. Mix a bottle of vinegar with approx twice the amount of water which can be hot and sponge the solution onto the door. If any white chrystals which look like salt form when the door dries out, then repeat the process. Woodworm holes may need several goes to neutralise the caustic completely. Allow to dry then apply your finish

Make sure you remove the door handles prior to collection so that the doors can be stacked for transport. We recommend Danish Oil for finishing doors

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